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Designing a beautiful smile

The Digital Smile Design protocol (DSD) is a state of the art treatment planning tool to allow you to be the co-author of your smile! By using these advanced techniques, we can try your future smile in your mouth before any cosmetic treatment is performed. This allows the patient, doctor, and laboratory technician to all approve the smile design before anything irreversible is completed. This allows the patients to know exactly what their smile will look and feel like when they have completed treatment. Planning everything in advance allows the doctors to do less invasive dentistry, get predictable final results, and let the patient be the co-author of their own smile! The future of smile makeovers is here!

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Send impressions

Send a physical or a digital scanned impressions of the patient to our lab.

Step 2: Send a photo

Send a clear photo of the patients natural smile. Foward facing with a good alignment view of the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Tip: Activate guidelines in any camera of choice for more accuracy.

Step 3: Set up

Our talented technicians will then use the provided materials to design a smile as aesthetically possible.

Step 4: Review

Files will be sent back to the doctor to share with the patient for review. We will make any changes requested by the doctor and patient.

Step 4: Manufactioning

Once the doctor and patient are satisfied with the design, the lab will create the crowns/bridges to the specification and delivered on a timely manner.

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