CS 3600®  Intraoral Workflow Guide

Setting Up Preferences

1. On the Acquisition interface, click the large gear icon. The Preferences dialog box is displayed.
2. Click the double gear icon to set the general preferences.
3. Clickthe angled scanner icon to set the CS 3600 scanner preferences.
4. Click the wrench icon to set the tools preferences.
You can now start acquiring 3D images.

Accessing the Acquisition Interface Using Dental Imaging Software

To access the CS 3600 Acquisition interface from your practice management software, follow these steps:
1 Open your practice management software.
2 Find the patient record and open it.
3 Open the imaging software.
4 Click scanner icon to open the CS 3600 Acquisition interface.
5 Select your preference settings.

Preparing the CS 3600

Important: The removable scanner tip is autoclavable up to 20 cycles. After 20 cycles, discard the tip. See the CS 3600 Safety, Regulatory, and Technical Specifications User Guide for more information. To prepare the CS 3600, follow these steps:
1 Make sure the lens window at the base of the CS 3600 is clean by wiping it with a moist, lint-free cloth or lens tissue.
2 Slide the tip onto the CS 3600 as illustrated, with the lens facing downward (A) or to the side, facing left (B) WARNING: The base of the CS 3600 becomes heated when the CS 3600 is turned on. Do not touch the heating element at the base of the CS 3600. 3 Press the power button for one second to power on the CS 3600. 4 Let the CS 3600 warm up for approximately three minutes to enable the antifog feature on the tip.

Scanning Teeth on the Upper and Lower Jaw

1. Dry the teeth thoroughly before starting an acquisition.
2. Access the CS 3600 Acquisition interface by clicking the scanner icon in the imaging software.
3. Select- -in the Select Acquisition Type window, and click OK.
4. On the Acquisition interface, select the Upper Jaw acquisition mode. Or On the CS 3600, press the mode button for one second to select the acquisition mode. The mode indicator LED turns blue. 5. Hold the CS 3600 at a 90-degree angle to the occlusal surface of the teeth. Rest the tip on the tooth surface to steady the CS 3600. Live video is displayed on the video preview screen, and the acquisition begins. Images are automatically acquired and transferred to the 3D model display screen. 6. Slowly move the CS 3600 tip along the occlusal surface to scan the remaining teeth in the preparation area. 7. When the occlusal surface scan is complete, scan the lingual surface of the teeth in the preparation area. 8. When the lingual surface scan is complete, scan the buccal surface of the preparation area. Important: Re-dry the teeth as appropriate throughout the acquisition process.